Slide touch control(专利号: 201220745441.0)

Patented slide touch control design perfectly combines modern technology and traditional kitchen appliances.

Golden smoke collecting angle(专利号: 2013202384219)

39° smoke collecting angle design allows hood extraction performance to exert its best.

Auto sensoring system(专利号: 201120469825.X)

By touching the IQ button, hood enters automatic mode and starts working once smoke, exotic gas or even overhigh indoor temperature detected,

Dual-fan turbo boosting system(专利号: 201020049961.9)

Patented dual-fan turbo boosting system with air coming from both sides, creating large air pressure.

Inverter technology(专利号: 201310274056.1)

In apartments, once the exterior pressure inside the public flue increases, the motor will automatically increases its output power to gain larger air pressure to make sure smoke can be ducted out without any backflow.

Patented easy cleaning filter(专利号: 201320238389.4)

Patented stainless steel filter with 2-6 mm "0" shaped holes, achieving high oil filtration rate and none filter blockage.

360° air inlet structure(专利号: 200920119926.7)

360° air inlet structure design helps forming stronger air pressure,coming together with large air volume.

Safe oil & electricity separation(专利号: 201120469824.5)

All wires are installed inside tubes to avoid getting into touch with oil and smoke, therefore life span of wires is extended and convenient aftersales repair achieved.

Arc-shaped oil groove(专利号: 201320238390.7)

Oil is separated into two paths by the arc-shaped oil groove, therefore less time to collect the oil.

LED light with soft beam(专利号: 201120469833.4)

The gradual-shutting LED light offers consumers more comfort to eyes.

4-ring flame

Ring like flame replances dot-shape flame, which greatly balances flame distribution.

90000mm³ super large combustion chamber

Gas and air is fully mixed inside this large combustion chamber.

Instant ignition

Hob gets ignited instantly.


Up to 120 Minutes time setting.

6 stage combustion chamber

Gas burning efficiency is improved after being lifted inside the 6 stage combustion chamber.

35° golden pan support

By this pan support design, flame is concentrated towards the center ring.

Zero leakage

Zero ozone and ultraviolet ray leakage.

Hot wind convection system

Even heat distribution, heating the food thoroughly.

Smart "constant temperature" system

Smart "constant temperature" system: Monitoring the whole food heating process and offer the most appropriate temperature for heating.

Independent cooling system

Independent cooling system

Steam oven
Inverter technology

Using heat sensor and controllable silicon electric board to monitor the temperature inside the cavity, adjusting the heating power dynamically.

Dynamic water balancing system

Dynamic water balancing system by monitoring  water level and warns when low.

Microwave oven
Convection system

Convection system

Spherical reflection structure

Microwave is evenly distributed inside cavity due to spherical reflection structure design.

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